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    Here you will information on how to apply for a TA position, look for TA-related announcements, make a complaint, look up regulations and more. The goal of this site is to provide a fully comprehensive resource for all things TA-related. So if you have any suggestions for improvement or additional information, please share them and help us fully achieve that goal.

    The TA Czar
    The Committee on Undergraduate Computer Science Education

Federal regulations specify that you are NOT allowed to work until a valid I-9 has been completed and submitted to the department. TAs who have never worked at the university must complete an I-9 regardless of citizenship or visa status. Failure to complete and submit the I-9 and other necessary employment paperwork to Cindy Walters immediately following accepting the TA position in MICE will result in a delay in pay.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are on a visa type other than F-1 or J-1 you cannot be a CS TA. In addition, if your country has a tax treaty with the US, you will be contacted by the Payroll Department once an employment record has been created for you with further instructions.

If you are completing a mandatory teaching requirement, you do not need to complete any paperwork and only have to accept the position in mice; if you are presently funded as a GRA student you will be paid for TA duties as additional comp and need only to accept the position in mice. All others must follow these guidelines to complete the paperwork. Contact Cindy Walters (cindy [at] with any additional questions.


    Friday 8/29/2014, 12:00pm

    MSTA Fellowship
    Please note that the MSTA Fellowship selection process has completed. All applicants should have received email notifications on whether they are selected for the fellowship or not.

    The TA (grader) assignment process is still ongoing.

    Tuesday 8/26/2014, 12:00pm

    TA Required: COMS 4252: Introduction to Computational Learning Theory
    TA positions are available for the Introduction to Computational Learning Theory course.
    Requirements for applicants:
    • Familiarity with theoretical aspects of machine learning, as evidenced by strong performance in a computational learning theory or machine learning course (COMS 4252, COMS 4771, COMS 4772, or equivalent course at another university)
    • Comfort with rigorous mathematical arguments and proofs, as evidenced by strong performance in graduate theoretical computer science coursework (4000-level theory courses at Columbia or their equivalent at another university)
    If you are interested, please contact Rocco Servedio (rocco [at] for more information.

    Tuesday 8/19/2014, 12:00pm

    Updated FAQ
    Please refer to the FAQ first for any questions you may have on TA-related and MSTA fellowship-related questions.

    Monday 8/18/2014, 6:00pm

    TA Required: B8124-001: Programming for Entrepreneurs (in Business School)
    The applicant should have experience in web application development. Knowledge of Javascript, CSS, Databases, and programming languages is required. The applicant should be familiar with setting up Amazon AWS EC2 servers for the application deployment. Knowledge of frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Django or Zend is a plus. The course runs for a very short period of time (2 weeks) so you do not have to commit for the whole semester. Please apply directly by emailing Sameer Maskey at smaskey [at]

    Note: This appointment is not a part of the Computer Science Department TA Assignment process. TA will be appointed by Business School. Salary for this short TA assignment will be $1500.

    Friday 8/15/2014, 12:00pm

    MSTA Fellowship Applications for Fall 2014
    There is a small number (10-15) of MSTA fellowship positions for MS students (typically given to a subset of those who have TAed as graders before and did an excellent job). These MSTA positions pay a stipend of $3,000 for two units, and cover tuition. To be considered for an MSTA fellowship, you must do two things:
    1) Fill out the application form with the url link from an email broadcast from the TA Czar.
    2) Contact professors to write letters for you. You are to ensure you have two recommendation letters from Columbia instructors.

    The deadline for submitting the application is Thursday, August 21, 2014

    Friday 8/15/2014, 12:00pm

    TA Applications for Fall 2014
    The TA Applications for Fall 2014 are open. Please apply on MICE. The soft deadline for submitting the application is Thursday, August 21, 2014.

    Thursday 7/25/2013, 12:00pm

    Off-campus access for MICE
    If you are off-campus and need to access MICE for TA Applications, you can follow instructions here.


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